Professional Service

The shipping department of Y&T provides customers with services such as shipping from Hong Kong to the rest of the world, air freight booking, preparation of various import and export documents, freight and miscellaneous charges, customs inspection, inspection and insurance. The company also undertakes various consulting and other international freight forwarding services, such as arranging barge or self-ship to receive or unload the goods at the side of the big ship, unloading or reclaiming them at the designated dock according to the customer’s requirements, and then transporting them by the company’s fleet to the designated factory or transporting them by land Ship at the terminal and re-export to all parts of the world.

The company’s warehousing department has set up a warehouse covering an area of more than 20,000 square feet in Fanling, Hong Kong. It is close to commercial centers and warehouses, with convenient transportation, fast and convenient access, and providing customers with stable and mature services. The main business includes: providing customers with warehousing, packaging, and distribution services, supervision of loading and unloading services, warehousing and unloading services on behalf of customers, and agent for Chinese and foreign transit goods, international exhibits, and personal items in Hong Kong delivery and distribution services, etc., professional And plural.

The main services include:

Hong Kong local transportation
-Inland container and container consignment

China-Hong Kong Freight

-China-Hong Kong container trucks and containers are consigned to/from Hong Kong and Guangdong Province

-Container storage

Sea freight

-International seaborne bulk and container cargo

air transport

– International Air Transport

-Door to door service


-Cargo loading and unpacking

-Cargo storage

-Packing, unpacking, service classification mark and processed goods